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Beidou navigation system

Source:Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Author:Wikipedia Date:2/26/2010 Hits:1273

The BeiDou Navigation System (simplified Chinese: 北斗导航系统; traditional Chinese: 北斗導航系統; pinyin: Běidǒu dǎoháng xìtǒng) or BeiDou (Compass) Navigation Satellite System (simplified Chinese: 北斗卫星导航系统; traditional Chinese: 北斗衛星導航系統; pinyin: Běidǒu wèixīng dǎoháng xìtǒng) is a project by China to develop an independent satellite navigation system. It may refer to either one or both generations of the Chinese navigation system.

The first BeiDou system, officially called BeiDou Satellite Navigation Experimental System, or known as BeiDou-1, consists of 3 satellites and has limited coverage and applications. It has been offering navigation services mainly for customers in China and from neighboring regions since 2000.

The second generation of the system, known as Compass or BeiDou-2, which will be a global satellite navigation system consisting of 35 satellites, is still under construction. It is planned to offer services to customers in Asia-Pacific region by 2012 and the global system should be finished by 2020.

The chief designer of BeiDou navigation system is Sun Jiadong.

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